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Membership Marketing Services is a full service provider of essential support resources for the success of your direct response campaigns. We provide proven expertise in designing direct mail pieces, emails, fax and telephone campaigns and co-ordinating these elements in a carefully crafted campaign.

We provide telephony, mail, fax, e-mail and database services - all designed to bring your project's goals to fruition with minimal cost and maximum return

For the past 20 years we have specialized in

Fund raising, recruiting, and marketing endeavors for professional membership organizations, political action groups, and legal action alliances.
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Subscription marketing programs for the magazine industry qualifying current subscribers, enlisting new subscribers, selling paid subscriptions and enhancing your data.

How we do it.
All of our work begins with you the client . . .with your goals, opportunities and road blocks. Your lists, budgets, and time lines. From that platform, we bring our wide range of capabilities and experience into play. We jointly develop a program with you. We custom-tailor our efforts and configure our services to complement your internal efforts, capitalize on your proven successes, and assure the greatest end results. And we carefully test and re-work our initial campaign program to optimize the response to your appeal.

Give us a call; 1-800-944-2011